About Us

Designing with love.


In 1969, Welsh designer David Evans graduated from Art College and, with a little money saved from his student grant, set up a graphic design studio.  He confesses that the first five years were often lean – “Sometimes there would be abundant work and I’d be burning the midnight oil, other times a drought.”  But he persisted and steadily won commissions from the likes of The Post Office, Welsh Arts Council and clients from every imaginable sector – from leisure to medicine; heavy industry to education.

Despite his largely ‘industrial’ background he is proud that he had ‘proper’ pre-computer training in fine art, life drawing and art history; he has never lost his passion for painting and drawing.  In 1997, his Platform One studio team was joined by fellow designer Sherren McCabe-Finlayson, who had previously worked for the renowned calligrapher, Donald Jackson.  She demonstrated similar passions, coupled with a love of letterform, and after five years became a partner in the practice.

In all their work, they have endeavoured to provide their clients with individual, imaginative ideas to the highest standards so it was only a matter of time before they would fulfil an ambition to create their own products.  In 2014, Sherren and David set up ARTFULL PUFFIN as a subsidiary of Platform One and now have a range of greetings cards based on British fauna and flora, with illustrations in watercolour, pencil and silk paints.


Some carry a simple message or are plain, while others have fascinating facts about, for example, the puffin.  Also available are cards partnered with magnetic bookmarks, and gift tags employing simple, but clever typographic devices.  They are proud that all their stationery products are and will be Made in Britain.

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